Inside and Out

Last Christmas, I noticed so many interesting nail styles – all different, but all beautiful – from the plain, thick and opulent, to the long, delicate and festively sparkly. Upon finding out the cost and care each variety demanded, I was reminded of the amount of time and money that so many of us spend on making sure we look great on the outside. Now, I don’t doubt that when we look great, we can feel great too. But I wonder if we take as much care of our innerselves as we do our outer selves. Do we even realise how much we really need to take care of ourselves within? After years of study and work on this, I have seen for myself how taking better care of the inner-me has led to more joy in my life. As I commit to a lifetime of future learning, I also recognise that there is more joy to be found, as I continue to take time to look after myself. My hope is that through engaging with therapy, more people will search inwardly for understanding, be able to work on self-care skills and learn how much more they can benefit in their everyday lives. Over the coming weeks, I will post a series of short pieces about what therapy is, how to go about choosing your therapist, different approaches within therapy, coping skills, and much more. I hope you will enjoy these and find them helpful. Please let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or topics you would like to know more about.

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