No Order

My blog posts are not going to be in any order. I spent a lot of my early life trying to do things in order – trying to work out the right order, the right way my life should (I thought) transpire. I learnt when I hit a reality check-point in my twenties that life does not always work out according to an ordered plan. Plans sometimes fail and life surprises you with unexpected twists and blows. My reality check came as a slap in the face which woke me up, just a bit. I say ‘a bit’ as it is years later writing this today that I feel more awake than I ever knew possible.

Life hasn’t turned out the ordered way I expected and anticipated it would, but life can be both messy and happy. Happiness comes now, not from controlling my circumstances to meet someone’s expectations or to avoid suffering, but from a deep-rooted place from within, that I hadn’t previously known was there.

Each of us goes through different, messy things in life that cause us pain and suffering and that are hard to explain. I believe that no-one’s pain and suffering is greater or lesser than anyone else’s. Our individual suffering should never be compared on a scale as it is unique to each of us. As a therapist, it can be a difficult and moving privilege to see clients feel and touch their pain. I consider it a great honour to walk with another person on their  journey to understand and heal from it – to know the messy pain of life and to find happiness in spite of it.


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